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Scancodes support
PBig Scancodes support
Hi Kroum,

I am trying to make KTS work with AXEL terminals.

One thing would be very helpful though! AXEL can be configured to send row scancodes instead of ANSII sequencies.

Could you PLS implement the support of scancodes from client into you server?


Kroum Grigorov
I made a google search on scancodes, but can't find any docs/rfcs that describe scancode usage on telnet server.
If someone has any docs on this I'll have a look at them and then decide wether this could fit in KTS.


PBig Scancodes support
It's not a standard telnet feature, I guess.

It is just a very usefull feature that AXEL terminals have: they can send bare scancodes instead of escape sequences or ascii-codes.

When I switch this state on I can see every single "make" and "brake" code for every key (even for system ones). There are only few exeptions - those key-combinations that AXEL reserved for itself.

With this feature on, one can have almost total control over the software on the server with all the Ctrl+Fn, Shift/Ctrl/Alt+<system key>, etc.

It won't be hard to implement this either - you don't even need to process those scancodes - just copy them straight through.

You can make it like a basic feature - when there is no file name for 'key_init' (empty name) you just copy everything you've received from the telnet-client to the input stream.


Kroum Grigorov
It's not that simple, you can't just copy every input from the client, there are number of telnet options that the client could send you at any time.

There should be something that tells the server wether the input is "scancode" or it's some telnet option.

Besides I don't think it's enough to just copy the scan code to the input buffer, it could be necessery to make some maping between the terminal scan code and the windows keys.

I believe it wan't be too hard to implement what you want but without proper documentation or access to one of those AXEL devices it won't happen.


I'll be away till Monday(Sep 10) with no access to my computer and possibly no access to Internet at all.
So, I would anser any post no earlier then next Monday.


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