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I was able to download, install and connect via SSH to our remote Windows App server. favorite editor, WinVI, does not respond to command line requests.

Before I register..I need to have some type of editor support, WinVI preferred.

Note: the default edit does work, but I cannot access the drop down menus...but I don't want to use it.

VI rules.

Thank you!

Kroum Grigorov

> the default edit does work, but I cannot access the drop down menus...
Use ctrl + a to simulate ALT key in KTS, this will give you access to edit menus.

> favorite editor, WinVI, does not respond to command line requests
Could you give me a link to the winvi editor, I will have a look at it these days


Robert WinVI editor link

Thanks for getting back to me:

Here is the link:


Great little editor.


Kroum Grigorov
I get the latest winvi archive from the site, but the binary in the archive is windows app not a console one.
You can run "properly" only console apps in KTS.

Am I missing something?


Robert VIM console based editor

You didn't miss anything, I did! I did not pay attention to console based editors.

Here: l0c41://

If anyone is looking for a great console editor, this is it.

But...I still have two mild glitches.

1. When I log via putty, I receive the following error alert box:
Network error: Software caused connection abort
2. Timeout. in the kts.ini I changed the following:

idle_timeout = 3000

However, I was still timing out, and took a guess,
increasing the following:

io_timeout = 3000

I connected again....but timed out anyway.


Kroum Grigorov
I just find out that there was a problem with the install application.
Could you uninstall KTS from your box and then get again the binary from the [url=l0c41://]download page[/url] and install it.
I believe this would fix your problem.


Robert Timeout problem persists
I uninstalled, downloaded and installed per your instructions.

Timeout problem persists, and I continue to receive the alert box with the error when I logoff.


Kroum Grigorov
Try setting idle_timeout=0 this should disable the idle timeout check.

If you receive the alert box only when you logoff, you can safely disregard this message. This comes from KTS forcibly killing the connection after you log off, instead to close it gracefully, I will try to fix this in the next releases.


Robert Nevinger Timeout persists
Setting the idle_timeout=0 does not seem to impact the timeout behavior.

I checked the log files, but there is nothing here that I can use to
4116 : 4708 2007- 7-10 7: 5: 5 865 : 0: connected to
4116 : 4708 2007- 7-10 7: 5: 5 865 : 0: ssh initialized
4116 : 4708 2007- 7-10 7: 5:20 490 : 0: ssh.login.end
4116 : 4708 2007- 7-10 7: 5:20 506 : 0: login accepted: [ robert nevinger]

Any other ideas or suggestions? Other than this, I am happy with the server. I have a quite a bit of hacking activity in the log, but no one has gained access.


Kroum Grigorov

I have found a problem in the code that handles ssh communication.
This will disconnect you every one hour due to a problem in the handling of ssh renegotiation.
The problem is rather deep in the code and it will take me some time to fix this, I hope this will be done in next release.

Could you tell me if one hour is the average time you get disconnected?
Or perhaps this is different problem?

You can mitigate hacker attempts by using different port than the standart one.
Hackers usually target port 22 only.
Anyway, if you have strong password port 22 should be safe too.



Sorry that I have gotten back to you; very busy with development issues. Disconnect occurs within 10 minutes or so.

Kroum Grigorov
That sounds bad.
The worst is that I'm out of ideas what might be tha cause of your problem.
I'll review again the code once I start developping the next version, let's hope the problem would be fixed with the next release(somewhere at hte end of the year).



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