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Telnet thru KpyM to another host
Bob Stark Telnet thru KpyM to another host
I need to telnet through a local telnet server, then ssh to another host (using putty's plink for the second part).

In the Q&A you indicate that there are problems with this, partially solved in 1.12 and that you are working on more fixes. How is that going?

What I see is dropped sent characters, or scrambled characters. For example, if I type asdf quickly over and over, I will occasionally get as?f or asd?.

Perhaps there are settings changes that you could recommend. I adjusted the character send delay but could not see where that was helping.

Kroum Grigorov
Putty plink does not interpret esc sequences it just acts as ssh tunnel between the client and server.
Instead try using some console ssh client like the one from this article(get the zip file)

There are also a bunch of others free console ssh clients on the net, you might try to download few others and choose the one that works best for you.

Finally you can try setting buff_height=0 in kts.ini file, this will disable scrollback buffer and might help too.



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