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Changing the root directory
jdidol Changing the root directory
I read the other post about setting the root dir, I edited my allusers.bat

echo ===============================================
echo .\scripts\allusers.bat
echo this script is executed for all users
echo delete/rename it if you don't need it
echo ===============================================

chcp 437
cd c:\Inetpub\ftproot

I'm working with a windows 2000 server it has all updates and was recently reinstalled.
When I login using Vandyke securefx I still am taken to c:\program files\KTS.
What stupid thing am I doing wrong?????

Kroum Grigorov
If I get it right SecureFX is sftp client.
Currently you can change KTS root directory for SSH sessions only.
SFTP sessions will allways default to the KTS root directory.

I will consider adding sftp_root option in the next release.


Robert Setting Home Directory

Add this to your allusers.bat:


You will be dropped into the directory generated when the profile was added to the Windows system, a.k.a. their profile.

If you set the HOMEDRIVE environment variable (specified in Local Users and Groups) you could then use:


but this will not work unless you defined it.



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