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KTS and contol codes
Harold Worby KTS and contol codes
I'm trying out the telnet server for an application using wireless handheld units.
My application sends ANSI control codes to the terminal for cursor positioning and diplay modes (Bright, Dim, Reverse, Blink, Underscore).

I.E CSI Row;ColH to position the cursor ar Row Col;
where CSI is 1b5b HEX.

The ESC (1b HEX) codes gets sent to the terminal
as '>' (3e HEX)

How can I set the telnet server to simply pass through the control codes? I don't need any unicode support.

Kroum Grigorov
You can't send directly control codes to client.
Instead use console functions to set characters foreground/background colors directly in the console, KTS will take care to export the appropriate ESC sequences to the client.


N2KMaster K what about this?
K what about sending a forced hangup, say if i set everything up to pretty much run like a door game on old bbs system, and the player quit, how can i set up the program to boot the player when done?


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