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KpyM Telnet/SSH Server v1.15 Released!
Kroum Grigorov KpyM Telnet/SSH Server v1.15 Released!
[b:fdc34244f1]KTS 1.15 is officially released[/b:fdc34244f1]

What's new:
[b:fdc34244f1]basic sftp support[/b:fdc34244f1]
It's not perfect but you should be able now to transfer files using PuTTY sftp client.

[b:fdc34244f1]disconnected sessions[/b:fdc34244f1]
Log in start program then close your client. Reconnect to the server you will find your session still running. Use idel_timeout to set disconnected sessions life time.

[b:fdc34244f1]better keyboard support[/b:fdc34244f1]
Now kts uses WriteConsoleInput instead SendMessage, I hope this should finally fix all the problems with keys not working in certain apps.

[b:fdc34244f1]minor bug fixes[/b:fdc34244f1]
Some bugs were fixed.

Click [url=l0c41://]here[/url] to get KTS v1.15.



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