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Tuning KTS miranda plugin
AndrewPA Tuning KTS miranda plugin
Hi, Kroum!
There are a few questions in relation to the plugin.
Possible from the plugin window to see basic miranda menu and configure connection property (proxy, etc).
(I use CmdLineToDb for сonfigure this property)

Please, help me to send :return:
I type "dir" and press ctrl+enter. I see:
C:\Program Files\Miranda - KTS\plugins\ktsmps>dir[
I type :return: and press enter and ctrl+enter. I see:

C:\Program Files\Miranda - KTS\plugins\ktsmps>dir:return:
":return:" is not a recognized device.
Directory of C:\Program Files\Miranda - KTS\plugins\ktsmps
File Not Found

I'm tested :back:, it work perfectly.

In file ascii.ini file I see:
; :return:
input71 = "0D"
key71 = "00000102 0000000D 001C0001"
; :back:
input72 = "3A 62 61 63 6B 3A"
key72 = "00000100 00000008 000E0001 00000102 00000008 001C0001 00000101 00000008 C00E0001"

Kroum Grigorov

You can bring up Miranda options dialog by the following "hack":
click on ICQ# icon, then in the icq number text box type "options" (without the quotes) and click OK.

Yes, the :return: seems to be broken, to fix it in ascii.ini file replace the lines

; ctrl + a / alt
;input0      =   "01"
;key0      =   "00000104 00000012 20380001   00000105 00000012 c0380001"

; :return:
input0      =   "3A 72 65 74 75 72 6e 3A"
key0      =   "00000102 0000000D 001C0001"

I just remembered one more command, you can use :close: to kill your session if it hangs.

Hi, Kroum!
Wow! It work!
Big thanks!

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