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Some questions about KTS miranda plugin
AndrewPA Some questions about KTS miranda plugin
Hi, Kroum!
Some question about [url=l0c41://]KTS miranda plugin[/url]:
What is a symbol "[" at the end of line ? And how I can use it ?
–°an I send escape sequence from ICQ to KTS server ?
How to send "enter" to KTS from miranda (or qip)? (send empty line not possible)
Regards. Andrew.

Kroum Grigorov

"[" shows the cursor position, as there is no way to control the cursor in miranda message window this symbol is used instead.
There are number of predefined "words" that can be used to mark certain keys:
:alt: - alt key
:f1: - :f12: f1 to f12 keys
:left: - left arrow key
:up: - up arrow key
:right: - right arrow key
:down: - down arrow key
:ins: - ins key
:del: - delete key
:home: - home key
:end: - end key
:pgup: -page up key
:pgdown: - page down key
:esc: - escape
:return: - enter/return
:back: - backspace

You can send enter by sending ":return:" without the quotes, or you can try pressing ctrl+enter depending on your miranda options you might be able to generate enter key in your message window


AndrewPA Wow KTS Plugin
Hi, Kroum!
Your KTS Plugin is very, very nice program.
Since adminy closed modem access, it is the unique possibility.
Best regards. Andrew.


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