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Ignacio Variables
Can you list all the KpyM variables?
like %KTS_USER% and %KTS_IP%

Is there any Answerback variable?

Kroum Grigorov
kts home folder
KTS_HOME=C:\Program Files\KTS

client ip

client port

logged user

kts version

I'm not shure what you mean by Answerback variable, but I don't think it's one of the above


N2KMaster Using the above info
How would you take the name/pass variable and write that to a simple text file after its entered. Drop file idea

N2KMaster Solution to my own problem
K This is what i did in order to make my own little drop file, kinda sux that i cant get it add the password but it works fine the way i got it to pass the name to a temp fossil file

in the allusers.bat file i wrote in this line of text switch watever with what your needs are

under where it says
chcp 437

write this in

this created a dropfilename.txt file in the kts main directory (substitute the dropfilename.txt with something else, i just made this easier for anyone to learn how to do this)


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