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Symbol MC9090 Highlight issues
J Shah Symbol MC9090 Highlight issues

I'm running a console application on the Symbol9090 device through the telnet server. On the device itself I'm using Wavelink's telnet client. The console app uses a Win API function in kernel32.dll to highlight a row. The function called is
bool FillConsoleOutputAttribute
(IntPtr hConsoleOutput,
int wAttribute,
uint nLength,
COORD dwWriteCoord,
ref uint lpNumberOfAttrsWritten

where the wAttribute is defined as 128. So the displayed row is black text with gray highlight. However, when this is displayed on the telnet server all I get is black text on black background.

Kroum Grigorov
it looks like this symbol device does not recognize ansi colors sequnces.
you can try to set
background_white = ""
in telnet.ini file, this is the "reverse" esc sequence and usually it is well handled by most clients



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