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J Shah Custom Login

I have a custom login script that contains a call to a javascript file to validate the user login. However, when I connect to the telnet session the custom login script does run but does not execute the javascript simply jumps to the code after the execution of the javascript file. Any help would be appreciated.


Kroum Grigorov
Could you post here your login script and the javascript file ?


J Shah
I did get the custom login script to work, but is there a setting in the telnet that runs the custom login script when a connection is established as was the case in the previous version of the server.

Kroum Grigorov
You can run the custom login by

1) setting the parameters in kts.ini file
default_user = "<user name>"
default_pass = "<password>"
these should be real user/pass and they are used to log the user automatically when connection starts
2) modifying scripts\allusers.bat file to call your custom login script when command prompt starts

Note that setting default_user/default_pass will work for TELNET sessions only, this will not work if you run SSH server.


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