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backspace key doesn't work
John Pye backspace key doesn't work
Hi there,

I just downloaded the current version of KpyM (1.15a). I ran it in Telnet mode and accessed it using PuTTY. When I logged in and arrived at my prompt, I couldn't use the backspace key to erase the text that I typed.

Perhaps this is an issue with the default settings that PuTTY users. But the defaults for PuTTY work fine for every other kind of server that I've connected to (Linux, Solaris, BSD, etc) so I'm inclined to think that KpyM should perhaps do something differently?

Otherwise a great product. But I have to mention that I'm very disappointed that you felt you had to put that nag screen there. In my view, it cheapens the thing, and reduces your chance of community participation in your project.


Kroum Grigorov
1) I hope backspace will finally get fixed for the next minor release.
Till then you can check this [url=l0c41://]thread[/url] for the backspace key.

2) Nag screen stays. I have given the "community" pretty good number of options for the nag:
- live with it
- hack the code and remove it
- ask someone to hack the code and remove it for you
- purchase license key



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