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Bell Pass through
Sebastian K. Bell Pass through
Kroum, Your telnet server rocks. Is it very hard to pass bell to the client. console.Beep() is not passing through.
Georgia Softworks telnet solved it by sending a regular character in a defined location (0,0).
Can you do something like that.

Can I help?

Thank you,


Kroum Grigorov
The problem with the bell signal is that AFAIK that bell is not handled directly by the console but by the so called beep driver.
So to intercept the bell on the server you have to replace(or hook in some way) the beep driver with your own that handles the beep and notifies the server that it has to resend the beep to the client.
I will probably start developping this at some point, but can't tell exactly when I will have enough time to do that.


Sebastian K.
What about adding to kts.ini:

BellX=80 ; column of the bell char (starts from 1)
BellY=2 ; row of the bell char (starts from 1)
BellCharAscii=94 ; ^ Ascii code for bell
BellCount= 2 (disabled if 0)

When the server send the ^ character for the position (80,2) it will also send the Bell command to the client 2 times.

Is it possible?

Sebastian K. Bell Pass through
Is there a way for Console.Beep() function to make a sound on the client device?
Do you have developed something in this direction?

Thank you.

Kroum Grigorov
Not yet, sorry.
I hope this will happen somewhere in the future, but for the moment it's pretty low in my todo list.


Andrea R Bell char
Hi, I'd like to be able make client BEL too, I'm looking forward this option comes true :)

Keith D.
I would vote for this feature also. It has need in my application. My users are doing "heads down" entry (RF scanning, actually) and the beep would tell them to stop and look at the screen to see what problem was detected. Otherwise, they keep doing the entry, oblivious to the fact an error occurred long back.


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