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Cannot login more than 128 concurent users
xtof Cannot login more than 128 concurent users

I am doing a test using KTS. When the 129 user try to login in the telnet server does'nt answer.
The max_sessions in kts.ini doe'nt change anything.

Any idea ?

Thanks !


I found that error in the log:

pipe.Connect( kts127.0.0.18373 ):err10928
KPipe::~KPipe( ){
KPipe::Close( )
KSocket::operator =( SOCKET -1 )
dup.GetSocket( )
KConsole::GetTitle( )
KConsole::SetTitle( KConsole::GetWindowHandle
this->console.GetWindowHandle( ):err



Kroum Grigorov
Could you post the entire .err file.
If you prefer you can mail it to me at


It was a memory issue in Windows 2003


I triple the zzzz value to get a max of 384 sessions (@ #180 i have 100% CPU Usage :-)

After that i was face to an other limitation issue.
The SSH client (OpenSSH/Cygwin) didn't reconize the terminal after 128 connections. SSH Client expect "tty" and your telnet session are tag "xterm" (i saw that in your code).
When OpenSSH is installed the ms system env var CYGWIN is set to tty. I change that to "xterm" and it works !



Kroum Grigorov
Great research!

When I saw your problem I thought that it's either some weird OS limitation or that's some resources issue as the errors seemed pretty random, but didn't have enough time to look at it so far.

Could you share your box params, I'm curious what machine one needs to run a hundred sessions.


I am just doing a load test.

The box is a W2K3SP1 ADV_S with Intel Xeon 5150 @ 2.66 GHz (2 dual cores) with 4Go RAM.
But only 1.6 Go is used.
The CPU is mostly used by SSH sessions in the telnet sessions.

Best Regards,


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