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Windows CE.Mobile 5 support
Ghalib Zakir Windows CE.Mobile 5 support
can we use this service on Windows CE 4.2 or older versions or Windows Mobile 5?

Ghalib Zakir

Kroum Grigorov
I don't quite understand the question but:
You can use Windows Mobile to connect to KTS server as long as you have telnet/ssh client installed.
If you are asking wether you can install KTS on Windows Mobile, the answer is no.


Omar Akbar ssh Client
Can i use Tektrum as ssh client for KTS telnet service, i want to use this service on Hand Held Sevice in which Windows Mobile 5 or WinCE 4.2 is installed.

Kroum Grigorov
I don't know, never tested KTS with Tektrum.
If you plan to use KTS in telnet mode it would probably work fine.
If you want to use it in ssh mode it might not work, but anyway you will have to test it.



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