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How to Order Uber with Siri on iPhone
Luna Martin How to Order Uber with Siri on iPhone
If you want to order an Uber or want a ride with Uber using your iPhone device, it is more comfortable to booking on iPhone via Siri. If you are trying to order an Uber booking with on your iPhone with Siri, iPhone has an inbuilt assistant who helps you to book a ride on your voice without any taping on your device. It is an easy way to Uber booking. This may save you time.

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How to Order Uber on iPhone with Siri
Summon Siri on the iPhone as usual, by using ?Hey Siri?, holding the Side button, or holding the Home button.
Tell Siri ?give me a ride with Uber?, or some variation of that language, then confirm that Uber can access your data.
Select the type of Uber car ride to get, and continue the process of booking your Uber ride.


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