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Allowing connections from outside subnet?
Kal Allowing connections from outside subnet?
Hi, I've been trying to get a kpym server setup, but I can't connect to it from outside my LAN. I can SSH and telnet in from my LAN, but I get the Connection Refused error when I try to go in through my external IP.
I've forwarded the port I chose through to my computer hosting the server, but it still doesn't work.
A friend who has a bit of experience with SSH servers said he believes that the SSH server isn't accepting connections outside the subnet, and that I should explicitly set it to allow such connections. I didn't find any settings to control such a thing though.

Kroum Grigorov

There is no logic in KTS preventing connections outside the subnet.
Check again your port forwarding configuration, might be the problem is there.

You can try first running some network diagnostic utility like [url=l0c41://]netcat[/url] to check if you are connecting at all to your computer from outside.



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