KTS [ Miranda Plugin ] project is rather unpopular and I'm no longer developing and supporting it.
If someone is interested in further development of the plugin you can find the source here.
The source is licensed under the BSD license.


KTS [ Miranda Plugin ] is a new generation free remote control utility. It allows you to access the command prompt of your home or office machine from any computer or device running ICQ program.

KTS [ Miranda Plugin ] requires no setup outside of installation of the program; you don't need to make extra port opening/forwarding since the traffic goes through the ICQ protocol.

With KTS [ Miranda Plugin ] you access your computer the same way you send messages to your ICQ buddies, yet it is powerful enough to:
  . remotely administer your system
  . run a variety of full screen console application.
  . run old DOS applications
  . allow multiple users to run tasks on a single machine.
  . get remote assistance from your friends.

Not convinced yet?
The best of all is that KTS [ Miranda Plugin ] is absolutely FREE!

Main features:
  . control your home or office PC from any place
  . firewall/network friendly; runs over the ICQ protocol
  . full access to Windows comand prompt
  . connect using your favourite ICQ program
  . connect from your browser with icq2go
  . no client software installation required
  . simple and user friendly interface
  . easy to install/uninstall
  . it's free

  . 80 x 25 screen size only
  . no color support
  . 1 session per user
  . Windows NT/2000/XP/2003

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