SRC_JS:Four Heroes Mini RTS Game in JavaScript

I've been working on this mini project for about 2 months. I should have finished this a long time ago but was a bit surcharged and in addition the holidays at the end of the year distracted me too.

Now about the game; it is a simple RTS written in JavaScript. It should work fine in IE, FF and Opera or at least it works for me :)
The objective of the game is to defeat all the enemies. You control four "heroes" and their armies. You conquer an enemy city by stepping in it. The cities give you armies when your hero is in it. When two heroes are close to each other, you can transfer armies between them by clicking on hero picture at the top right. When hero is standing alone click the same picture to dismiss armies.

Click on the image bellow to start the game :)

Sunday, January 07, 2007

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