DNN_HOWTO: DNN mini nightmare. International characters in DotNetNUke skin.

I was playing yesterday with DotNetNuke skins.
DotNetNuke is famous ASP.Net open source portal and I should admit it's pretty good.
However I fell upon an annoying "feature" that took me few hours to workaround.

Here's the problem, when you type international text in DNN skin control the text is not displayed in your portal.
Bellow is a step by step repro + the workaround I used(it's damn simple).

Copy Horizontal Menu - Fixed Width.ascx from Skins/DNN-Blue to new folder Skins/Test
Then type some international characters in the new Horizontal Menu - Fixed Width skin control.
I typed in some magic Bulgarian words between two lines English text.

Activate the skin from the portal skin control, now look at your portal. The English text is there, but the cyrillic characters have vanished.
That's cool, my magic words works!

Yep, it's cool, but not when you painfully need your cyrillic characters.
You will need another magic to make the cyrillic work.

Close the skin control source window in VS.
Now open notepad, and load the Skins/Test/Horizontal Menu - Fixed Width.ascx file in it.

Choose Save As, set the encoding to Unicode and save the file.

Refresh the portal in your browser.
Huh, No magic any more, but at least cyrillic text is displayed now.

Friday, January 26, 2007

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