CONsole SCripting Tool

WHat is CONSC?
CONSC is a simple, yet powerfull util that allows you to script all kinds of console applications.

Current version?

Download It is a stand alone app, no install/uninstall required.

It's free, use for whatever you like.

consc.exe [script-file]

[script-file] text file with one command on a row:
; as first character is a comment line
WAIT text wait for 'text' pattern to appear in console
SLEEP time sleep for given time in seconds
SEND text send the 'text' to console. use \n for sending enter.

Sample script files?
; telnet auto login script
SEND telnet.exe my.telnet.server\n
WAIT login:
SEND my-login-name\n
WAIT pass:
SEND my-secret-password\n
; just sleep a little
SEND dir\n
SEND exit\n

CONsole SCripting Tool v1.01 is available click here to get it

Monday, September 04, 2006

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