HOWTO: Create Lazy Cat to Tired Cat converter

This is a simple, yet powerful device that converts your Lazy Cat into Tired Cat.

1 x Lazy Cat
1 x Reel of thread
1 x Cotton swab

Cut a piece of the thread long enough to reach the ceiling of your room.
Find some handy place on your ceiling and tie the thread to it. Attach the cotton swab to the other end of the thread.

The cotton swab shoud hang at about 15 cm from the ground. Further on we will call this system converting device.

Place the Lazy Cat near the converting device. Push the device few times, the Lazy Cat will start playing with the device, thus silently converted to Tired cat.

Half an hour later, the conversion is complete. You are proud owner of Tired Cat.

Operation instructions:
If the thread breaks, fix the converter by tieing thread together.
With the time the Lazy Cat will become rather good at breaking the thread, this is normal.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

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