IE_HINT: Internet Explorer view source problem

These days I got hit by the IE "view source" problem. You know that's the menu command that opens the current page in notepad, obviously viewing its source as it is named.

If you don't use the command often, it's not a big deal that it won't work, but is quite usefull if you are buiding web apps, as I'm in the moment. Actually I saw the problem couple of months ago, but I was working on other project at that moment, and I just thought that my IE broke for some reason. Uninstalling/Installing the broken software is usually the most certain way to fix it, but I thought that such small defect as "view source", does not deserve the effort of uninstalling and reinstalling IE. All changed 2 weeks ago, when I started working on some .aspx pages. In situations when you are making fast review of generated web pages, "view source" command is really usefull.

So I had two options:
1) reinstall IE; I estimated that it would take me from 40 min up to 1h.
2) make a quick search on "view source" problem, if I were lucky I could solve the problem in 10 min.

So I started searching, and luckily the first serach result gave me the solution.

Fixing the "view source" problem is as simple as...
    ...deleteing temporary internet files.

You do that by navigating to Tools menu / Internet Options.... / General tab / click on Delete Files ( in Temporary Internet files section ).

It seems that the problem comes from IE not having enough space to store temporary the page, that you want to view source of.
I'm OK with that, obviously there is some problem that the application (IE) can not handle; it lacks free space, but why the heck not show some friendly message. Just pop up and say, "not enough space, delete temp files" or something. Instead you get dead silence, it is NOT, really NOT, user friendly.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

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