KTS_HOWTO: KTS SSH tips/limitations

1) System requirements
beeing direct descendant of prior versions, KTS will only run on NT systems.
- Windows NT ??
- Windows 2000
- Windows XM
- Windows 2003
- Windows Vista ?? ( I heard of some new restrictions resulting the ongoing security push at microsoft and as I've never tested KTS on Vista I have some doubts if it would run correctly. If anyone could test KTS on Vista I'd be very obliged )

2) Firewall
- make sure your firewall accepts connections on port 22
- make sure the following programs can access internet
telnetd.exe ( TELNET/SSH daemon )
term.exe ( TELNET terminal )
term-ssh.exe ( SSH terminal )

3) SSH client
- I strongly recommend using PuTTY ( get latest version )

4) KTS SSH Limitations
- keyboard authentication only (I still hasitate wether to implement other authentications at all)
- shell service only ( this means no port forwarding, sftp etc. )
- KTS will introduce itself as "SSH-2.0-cryptlib", ( as it uses cryptlib for SSH support I don't think it would be honest to introduce itself others )

5) For those of you that still need TELNET server
- Open KTS setup
- Set [KTelnetd]:port to 23 ( default telnet port )
- Set [KTelnetd]:use_ssh to 0 (it's zero)
- restart the service

6) Howto regenerate the server key
- run "telnetd.exe -rsakey" this will generate new server(private) key

7) Reporting problems/errors/features
- use the forum
As I'm not crypto expert, it might take some time before/if I answer on questions/errors concerning SSH.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

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