BUG_C#: DataGridView System.InvalidOperationException on double ESC

Yesterday a friend of mine told me about some strange crash coming from DataGridView control.
He created a simple app, with one form only and a DataGridView on it that has it's DataSource bound to another class in the project. The class has nothing more than 2 int properties.The app crashesh with System.InvalidOperationException when the two cells of the DataGridView are filled and you quickly press ESC two times.
We discussed today about the crash and it seems that the problem comes from the framework itself, as I too was able to reproduce the crash in my project.
He already posted a topic on MSDN forums seeking for workaround of the problem, but so far with no result.
Here is a simple project that represents the "bug" in question.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

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