OFFTOPIC:A triple of games and a foolish translation by Google

Recently I fall upon three "computer" games that engaged my interest. In the past, I'd been playing a lot. Starting with Kommander Keen in the early 8086 days, later passing through Doom, Quake and Starcraft. The last two games that I'd played, and I mean real playing spending 3 or 4 hours a day and even more on hollydays, were CounterStrike and Diablo 2. But that was years ago. Now I just can't focus on new games. Thay just took too much time to learn how to play, and I usually get bored after 30 minutes or so. I guess it should be normal; after all, I get older over time. Anyway, occasionally I still play games, but now I prefer light games, that are easy to start playing, that don't take much of my time, and that are easy to drop. So here the games come:

1) The action roleplaying game:
This one is called TRIGLAV ( in Bulgarian the word "triglav" means "three-headed", like in "three-headed dragon", but I don't think the game has anything to do with my country. I guess it's just a coincidence of names). A dungeon game that looks a lot like Diablo. You get sometimes artifacts from the killed monsters that power up your skills. The graphics is pretty good, and what's most impressive it's coded in JavaScript.

2) The puzzle game:
This is a small flash game named BLUEPRINT. The goal is to hit the target with the ball by first arranging the objects on the scene. A lot like the incredible machine :) What I like most is that you can choose which level to play. No need to solve level1 to access the next level.

3) The action game:
GunRun. That one is my favorite flash game. Just run ahead and shoot everything moving, the name says it all :) Try this one and see if your mouse won't broke.

and here is the game on the authors site

This one is just a bonus, and it is for Bulgarians mostly:
I'm quite impressed of the most foolish translation of software in Bulgarian so far. I guess (hope) the Google guys have used some automatic translation system, but anyway that does not excuse them. Just for those of you that don't speak Bulgarian the third checkbox (it's my favorite) translated back to English says something like "Show the icon of the system one at start". It's even funnier that I still can't understand what that option means :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

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