KTS_FAQ: has kpym telnet server gone commercial?

It seems that KTS commercial status is not quite clear.
So if you wander whether KTS is free or you have to register to use it check out the following mail.
I hope it explains everything.

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Date: Wednesday, January
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has kpym telnet server gone commercial?

How can I understand the overview on the webpage:
open source/free/license bsd with the requirement to register
in order to remove the nag?
Where is the source code?


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The source code is included in the installation. Check the 'source code'check box and it will be extracted together with the binaries. You are free to modify and/or redistribute KTS with few limitations as stated in the BSD license.
Generally this means that you are free to remove the nag screen and you are free to use KTS for whatever you want.

However if you don't want to compile binaries yourself or just want to support further development of KTS you could order registration key that will remove the nag screen for you.

Kind Regards
Kroum Grigorov

Thursday, January 19, 2006

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