KTS_HOWTO: run multiple telnet server instances on one computer

Usually I run at least 2 KTS instances on my computer, sometimes even 3 instances. I run a regular KTS service on port 23 so that I can login into my computer through Internet. I have an instance of the latest development snapshot, usually running on 8023 and hidden behind my firewall, that I work on or run tests. Sometimes I run a "Tetris server" on port 2348 that does nothing but starts an ASCII Tetris game upon connection that I can play in telnet client.

If you just install KTS several times you will find that it does not run properly or it does not run at all. There are some simple tricks that will do the work. The following is a step-by-step guide how to install 2 instances of KTS.

  1 ) Install the primary KTS service. You have nothing special to do here just follow the setup process.

  2 ) Run the installation program again. When prompted for installation directory choose a new directory for the installation, I will name it KTS - 2.

  3 ) When prompted for the Start Menu Folder type again a new name ( I name it KTS - 2 again )

  4 ) Wait for the installation to complete. Now if you look at the KTS - 2\log folder you will find 2 error files with the messages "The specified service already exists." and "An instance of the service is already running." It is due to that the primary KTS service has the same name as the second service. As the primary service is installed and running, the install process gets errors when it installs and starts the second instance.

  5 ) Open the Start Menu and choose Programs > KTS - 2 > Setup KpyM Telnet Server. This will open KTS console setup of the second service.Change the key [ KTelnetd ] : service_name from "KpyM Telnet Server" to "KpyM Telnet Server II", it is the name of the second service. Change the key [KTelnetd] : port from "23" to "8023", this is the port the second service will run. Choose from the menu "install service" this will install our second service. Finally choose "start service" this will start the second instance of KTS.

  6 ) Voila. You have 2 instances of KTS running on your machine.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

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